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All Saints Master Plan Approved

The All Saints Master Development Plan is a framework for expansion of the church campus located at 132 North Euclid Avenue, within the Pasadena Civic Center National Register Historic District. Pasadena Heritage nominated the Civic Center Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places more than 30 years ago, soon after our founding. The historic All Saints Church buildings, including the sanctuary (1925, Reginald Johnson) and rectory and parish house (1929-1930, Bennett and Haskell) are contributing buildings to the district.  The historic Maryland Hotel wall is a contributing structure to the district, which runs along Euclid Avenue just north of the historic church buildings. The development plan includes the construction of a four-building complex with subterranean parking adjacent to these historic resources.


Pasadena Heritage's involvement with the All Saints proposal began five years ago when the concept for the project first emerged.  At that time and today Pasadena Heritage supports the expansion of the All Saints campus.  Pasadena Heritage advocates for historic preservation to protect the unique character of Pasadena.  To that end our comments on the project included:

• Considering alternatives for the site plan
• Preserving the historic Maryland Hotel wall
• Asking how the proposed new buildings would fit within the context of the Civic Center Historic District

After a lengthy environmental review process, a new alternative site plan was presented. It was the opinion of Pasadena Heritage that Alternative #7 showed improvement over previous plans, including a smaller Euclid Building and the preservation of the Maryland Hotel wall.  Earlier versions of the project included relocation of the wall, which would have resulted in its demolition.On April 16, 2012 the City Council approved the All Saints Master Development Plan and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project. The version of the project that was approved was Alternative #7 from the EIR.


Pasadena Heritage has advocated for a project that supports both the vision of All Saints Church and the planning principles of the historic district in which it is located. The City Council has approved the master plan, which defines the location and height of four new buildings. Pasadena Heritage will now focus on reviewing the design of the buildings and other elements that are currently under development and subject to t he design review process, with the goal of achieving the highest level of compatibility with the Civic Center possible.