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Craftsman Weekend Events

Sunday, October 19th, 2014



Sunday, October 19th
10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Sunday, October 19
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The signature event of the Weekend is the Craftsman House Tour. This in-depth drive-yourself tour provides the opportunity to experience the rich variety of Craftsman architecture that makes Pasadena a destination for Arts & Crafts enthusiasts. Experienced docents will provide detailed histories of each of the five featured homes while guests examine the natural materials, fine craftsmanship, and exquisite detailing that exemplify the Craftsman era.
This year's tour features:



The Leon and Lizzie Chamberlain House


Architect: Unknown

Constructed in 1912 for Leon and Lizzie Chamberlain of Saint Paul, Minnesota, this stunning Craftsman home is unquestionably a gem for the city of Altadena. Although the architect is unknown, it is speculated that Charles & Henry Greene or Buchanan and Brockway designed it. The Chamberlain House is accentuated in arts and crafts details like a large front porch made with exposed redwood timbers, a spacious living room that features large crown moldings as well as window and door casings suggesting a Japanese design element. The living room, dining room, and library with 9-foot ceilings one flowing into the next, is a typical craftsman feature that contradicted the Victorian ideal of small enclosed private spaces. With the pocket doors, coved ceiling, built in bookcases, fireplace, elaborate woodwork in the library, and large windows, the architect certainly took advantage of natural light and ventilation as well as the craftsman aesthetic of bringing the outside into the space. The 1912 kitchen is largely original, with a call button in the floor used to summon help during meals, and a pleasant speaking tube used to communicate with people upstairs along with a maid’s bell. The wood paneling, plate rail, and gas fireplace in the living room are also still fully functional in its original state. The affectionate care and restoration of the Chamberlain House will indeed be cherished for years to come.



The Wellborn House


Architect: Samuel Hawes

Built in 1908, the charming one-story bungalow Wellborn House was one of eleven houses constructed by contractor Samuel Hawes in the neighborhood that was originally known as Walnut Grove. This striking Craftsman home exhibits distinguished features associated with the California Bungalow style, with low pitched gambled roof with wide overhanging eaves and exposed rafters, which is also supported by brick columns. The living room with its original light fixtures has a direct entry and even a Batchelder fireplace with flanking built in bookcases. Although quite small, the Wellborn House was built with great detail and fine craftsmanship, which was the hallmark of the Craftsman Movement.



The Miss Ida Hawes House


Contractor/Builder: Samuel Hawes

The Miss Ida Hawes House is two of the three houses that Samuel Hawes constructed on Meridith Avenue between 1911 and 1912, for which still maintains a high level of integrity and represented the type of residential development that once characterized the neighborhood originally known as Orange Grove. The one-and-one half story bungalow reveals a side facing steeply pitched gable roof, and centered on the front façade is a gambled dormer with 4 three-over-one casement windows, triangular braces, and a decorative vent. The full porch, the original windows and door are present on the front façade, and the original brick chimney is still in tact. This spectacular house exemplifies the values of design, craftsmanship, and materials, which embodies the philosophies of the Arts & Crafts movement.



The Post House


Architect: D. W. Cory
Year Completed: 1914
Architect/Builder: D.W. Cory


This delightful and comfortable Craftsman home located in the newly formed Craftsman Heights neighborhood association was built at the peak of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Believed to be constructed for a doctor and consistent to its original footprint, it features a river rock stone foundation, charming and welcoming river rock fireplace, and spectacular leaded glass throughout. The exterior includes an inviting waterfall with the modern addition of a tranquil Koi fishpond and a new deck consistent with creating an outdoor/indoor living space. Beautiful built-in wood furniture take center stage inside the house, highlighting an original built in drop down desk, leaded glass book cases, pocket doors, and a floor-to-ceiling China cabinet.

The Sayers House
 The Sayers House built 1916, is a contributing house to the North Pasadena Heights Landmark District, the Sayers House is a beautiful example of a two-story airplane bungalow. This home
has everything one would expect in a Craftsman home, including large windows and French doors that let in lots of natural light seamlessly blending the interior and exterior.
The Edgar W. Camp House [Bonus House]
This year the tour will feature a bonus house. The Camp House is a true mountain bungalow in Sierra Madre and is regarded as one of Greene & Greene’s finest architectural understatements. This rustic home designed in 1904 by the Greene brothers has been restored and altered from its original design on various occasions including in the 1920s when a spectacular staircase and second story were added by Henry Greene. The Camp House is widely recognized as a prime example of rustic design that led directly to the modern California Ranch style.


 Docents will provide historic and architectural history. This is a drive-yourself tour so please allow at least four hours to view all of the houses.
Price: $45 Member; $48 Non Member

Purchase of any ticket includes a 2-day pass to the Exhibition at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Online ticketing will remain open until an event begins or until the event reaches capacity. Tickets can be purchased online on Eventbrite, print your tickets or present your digital ticket to gain entry to Craftsman Weekend Events. 

For the Sunday House Tour it is most convient to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite to avoid parking fees at the Convention Center. Ticketing will be open at the Convention Center 8 a.m. -5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 

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Photos courtesy of Dennis Hill and homeowners.